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Light Wire, Narrow, Medium, Wide Crown and Carton Staples. We have the right staples for your tool.


Staples >>


Nailers and StaplersTools >>

Stretch Film >>

21 Degree Strip Nails, 34 Degree Paper Tape Nails, Bulk Nails, Bulk Roofing Nails


Nails >>

Roofing, Crating, Fencing and General Construction

Coil Nails >>

Standard and Heavy Duty Strap, Seals, Clips, and Tools



Steel Strapping>>

Senco DA Finish Nails, 14ga., 15ga., 16ga., 18ga., 21ga., 23ga Headless Pins



Finish and Brad Nails  >>

Tape >>

Boxes and Packaging Supplies>>

Poly Strapping>>

Machine and Hand Grade Plastic and Polyester. We also have Machines, Tools and Accessories

Fastening Wood to Steel, Wood to Concrete, Steel to Concrete


Drywall, Deck, Truss, Sheet Metal, Wood, and many more types of Bulk Screws. Most sizes available in Stainless Steel

Machine and Hand Grade. Sizes range from: 3”-20”


Framing Nailers, Coil Nailers  Finish Nailers, Brad Nailers Roofing Guns, Staplers, Upholstery Staplers, Swing Hammers and more.......... Parts and Service Available



Carton Tape, Masking Tape, Duct Tape, Filament Tape, Box, Machine Grade Tape and more................

Stock Boxes and Custom Boxes, Packing P-nuts, Poly Bags, Shipping Envelopes, Whatever your product needs are give us a call.

Service and Parts Dept.>>

Our service and parts department can repair your tool or supply you with the parts for the DYIer.

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Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Dust Masks, Gloves, PVC Boots, Protective Clothing, High Visibility Clothing

Strapping Tools>>

Manual Strapping tools for Steel and Poly Strapping

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DSi can supply your Fastening, Packaging, and Safety Product needs.

With delivery available just contact us and we will bring the product to you.